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Misty Mountains



Saha Motions was created
as a result of
Mari's passion for movement

Mari Mäkelä

I’ve always been passionate about movement, which has driven me to explore various different disciplines. 

I am Mari, a yoga teacher and theatre student from Finland. In 2022, I earned my RYT 200-hour Yoga teacher certification. Yoga has been a constant companion on my journey, and I often find myself wondering why I didn’t pursue teacher training sooner. Even before obtaining my certification, I started sharing yoga with friends free of charge. In Finland, I’ve taught one-to-one yoga sessions, while in Edinburgh, I’ve led outdoor yoga sessions and community yoga in small group settings. Yoga is an integral part of my life, and I carry it with me wherever I go. This year, while studying theatre in the US, I found my yoga student as well, or potentially they found me.

I had my first yoga class when I was 19. That was in a small town in Finland. I recall being introduced to Sun Salutations, which drew my curiosity. But still, yoga didn’t impress me much. I was more into extreme sports, with horseback riding being a significant part of my childhood, just to mention one.

Later on, I was looking for something to balance out my physically demanding job as I worked in an equestrian centre. I decided to give yoga another chance, and began practicing regularly. I felt the immediate difference. Yoga made me feel ‘high’; light and energised. This was the first time I fell in love with yoga.


In my early twenties, I dedicated all my free time to dancing, and yoga was forgotten for a while. To finance my passion for dance, I worked as a waitress, which was never a dream job or a long-term plan but I didn’t mind doing it, as dance classes kept my mind busy. Those days I rarely had a moment to sit down, I remember, I was always on the move and cycled everywhere. About three years later, a knee injury - a torn MCL, happened during a surfing trip in Spain, forcing me to stop dancing and waitressing as well. This setback inspired me to delve into anatomy and physiology through an open university course since healthcare didn’t offer much help for my knee injury. Although osteopathic treatments provided some relief, my true turning point came when I discovered Ido Portal movement and combined it with yoga. Through specific movements, I often managed to alleviate my pain. I created a morning yoga routine at home. I loved starting my day from the mat. Often spending countless hours alone in a silent room doing yoga. Yoga became not only a physical practice but also a source of optimism in dealing with circumstances beyond my control. It taught me valuable lessons in acceptance, self-honesty, patience, and self-love. Over the following years, I kept doing all the possible yoga training I could, and during that time, I realised that teaching comes naturally to me. It happened effortlessly.

In 2019, my pursuit of a drama degree led me to Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Since then, my focus has been theatre directing and teaching movement for the actors. Over time, my passion for movement extended to gymnastics, leading me to teach gymnastics for about a year. During this phase, I also ventured into the unique discipline of equestrian vaulting, drawing from my extensive background as a rider. Still, I never left yoga.

In 2021-22, my life took a transformative turn when I enrolled in a yoga teacher training, encouraged by a colleague I had met during a housekeeping job. That changed my life. The training not only equipped me with essential teaching skills but also deepened my personal yoga practice. Every second in yoga felt like I had found my true calling.

Nowadays, I engage in yoga as a form of meditation and a source of empowerment through a movement flow. Yoga is a luxury in my everyday life. It’s a moment of being present. Most importantly, I keep learning more about yoga as learning never ends. I’ve come to appreciate the profound influence that yoga has on the human mind. What I experienced myself through yoga has kept me sane in the chaos of this world. I feel grateful to be able to share the goodness of this magnificent ancient practice with other people.


I never stop loving everything that kept me moving in the past.

But there is nothing like yoga..

It’s just you.

Time, place, and circumstances don’t matter.


Yoga. Anytime. Anywhere.



Misty Mountains


RYT 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Accredited Yoga Alliance
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