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Saha Motions



Outdoor Vinyasa

An energising Vinyasa yoga class. Lots of flowing movements between standing poses. Every class involves breathing and meditation practice.


Time & Location

Weekly classes in Holyrood Park, the grass area near Holyrood Palace. Times and dates will be announced. The class is weather dependent. 

What to wear?

Dress up according to the weather.

Please bring your yoga mat and water to stay hydrated.

Terms & Conditions

In case of class cancellations the purchased ticket can be used for any other summer class or alternatively can be fully refunded.

Yoga Harmony

A gentle vinyasa class that embraces both meditation and asana sequences. Follow a series of flowing movements that will cultivate your balance, and give you the tools to make a deeper connection to your inner self. This practice promotes inner peace and relaxes the body and mind, helping you to destress and get a good nights sleep. All levels welcome.

Time & Location

Spring classes by appointment only

Please email in advance to book your spot

Booked Mondays will be listed below:

-Mon 25th March 6.45-7.45 pm

(2 spots left)



Feel free to join the listed classes even on short notice

Limited availability


Mondays 6.45 - 7.45 pm

22nd January - 22nd April 2024

(No class on Easter Monday 1st April)

Santosa Wellness Centre, 21 Albert Street Edinburgh EH7 5LH


Limited space

How to book?


Online bookings and payments available now!

Email me any questions about the classes 


What to wear?

Comfy clothes

Mats provided

Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated

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Image by Goutham Krishna


"Mari is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. First, she was very knowledgeable about
yoga. She understood various styles and approaches to yoga, which emphasized different aspects
of the practice. Based on her knowledge, she provided me with each lesson depending on what I
wanted to focus. Second, her instruction was accurate and transparent. She always carefully paid
attention to my performance and gave me advice to make my posture better. For instance, she
told me that my back should be straight and my fingers should be more open. Thanks to her
meticulous advice, I was able to keep the right posture. Overall, I enjoyed learning yoga from
her, and I am continuing to do the practice by myself based on her teaching."

-Misaki, Japan/USA

"It was very relaxing and I've learned new poses I have never done before. The meditation part was great and Mari's calmness was contagious. I felt very relaxed after the session and had the best night sleep.

I can highly recommend it! Kisses!"

-Lara, Portugal

"Really informative,
Relaxing- chill vibes :)
I liked learning one sequence and then repeating it multiple times which makes it easier to concentrate on breathing."

-Poppy, London

"I've been thoroughly enjoying attending Mari's yoga classes, she is such a patient and knowledgeable yoga instructor and I always feel relaxed and more flexible after each session. She always makes sure to cater to everyone's abilities and is very supportive of her students. Her style of instructing is superb, very informative and clear. What's also very important is that Mari will ensure that everyone's technique is accurate and always encourages students to improve and try new things while also understanding that not everyone's abilities are the same. She has been a wonderful teacher and her passion and enthusiasm for yoga always shine through in every class so I'd thoroughly recommend her classes to everyone!"

-Jennifer, Scotland

Misty Mountains
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